Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Payal - Priceless Gift

6 am - A December morning.

She was trying to hide her face to the mirror. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down proudly on those elegant eyelashes.Those ears along with the nose framed a picture perfect face.Sprinkle of freckles here and there over her face made it so attractive.A set of dazzling white teeth shined as she blew gently on her purple fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her free flowing black brown streaked hair. Her enticing, eyes gazed at me over her provocative lips - Payal the priceless gift of the gods.

Payal had that confidence within that no man can resist her beauty , and was hoping to see him today.
He boards the same metro, not all days but she does not miss seeing him at-least 4 days in a week

Stepped out , she saw it was drizzling ,sky was tar-black and the large clouds were moving towards her. she heard a tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were opened as the clouds started to pour down water. Puddles began emerging as the rainfall became heavier. The roofs of the cars danced with spray.Unwrapped her purple umbrella and started to walk on those puddles , the ones she missed felt affronted of their very existence.

8:46 am Majestic Metro Station

She was waiting, not for the metro but for him, every man passed by did not hesitate to have glance at her.Peach colored salwar made it more attractive with her natural skin tone, her eyes was hunting for him, it apparently started to believe its him looking at everyone, but mind clearly rejected the request.

She boarded the 8:55 train.He was running parallel to the train , boarded it in style , but today he was with some-her.He held that some-her inside holding the waist with his strong muscular fore-arm.That sight broke Payal's heart into pieces , she wanted to cry , wanted to jump out of the moving machine

She saw the scene,he was saying sorry to some-her , but she was acting so weird.That some-her sounded angry and upset.He then smiled at the some-her and handed a brown bag.The train was nearing the next station and was approaching to halt ,some-her grabbed the brown bag and threw it across the coach and off the train she walked away.

Payal saw he was hurt, so much hurt.She wanted to hug him right there and make him feel better.
He looked at everyone in the coach with a shade of embarrasment and then looked at "Payal", the first time he smiled at her and boarded off the train.

Few weeks later

Payal was on the same metro,  he boarded the train, yes after weeks.
Sudden happiness bloomed all over her face , endorphins everywhere.She dint want to wait anymore she went and introduced herself to him
He said - "Yes i have seen you often in this local, glad to meet you" he sounded sulky.

From then on she met him often in the metro and they became friends, he then shared his story about some-her.And said how much he wasted his time with some-her, never knowing that its not love that he had on some-her.Payal felt happy hearing that, so happy.

Payal decided to tell him about her feelings,  asked for dinner.

8 PM  Grand Palace Restaurant

He was waiting, it was 15 mins past the time that they both had agreed.
Payal dint turn up
His phone buzzed - "Hello Payal. Not able to make it?"
Payal - "Sorry for the wait.I indeed came an hour earlier and waiting outside.A little nervous as i planned and wanted to tell you something very important"
He said with a slight confused voice - "Oh ok please come in , we will talk"

Couple of mins later

Payal walked towards him
She flicked her hair and walked elegant carrying the beautiful reddish green saree,exposing some of her pure white skin.The curves of her hips feast to everyones eyes,the sound of her bangles music to everyone ears.The dark black kajal on her big dark eyes.Payal indeed is priceless gift of the gods

He looked at her , he was surprised , cannot believe of what he is seeing,walked towards her, assisted and accompanied her to the dinner table

They sat quiet.He looked at her and the saree.
She was all set and getting ready to tell him her wish.She breathed heavily.
He was still looking at the saree,surprised, his eyes and stare made her week did not allow to utter a word out of her mouth.


He with some tears wetting his eyes,smiled and said - "Payal , i want to marry you and make you my life"

Years later

"Payal its getting late, its been more than 2 hrs you are dressing up"
It was their 3rd wedding anniversary, Payal came out all dressed up.
He froze , yes its the Reddish Green Saree ,
  • the one that put him on the happiest boat of his life journey.
  • the one that some-her wanted to trash
  • the one that got him the priceless gift of the gods Payal
who you deserve and who deserves you will find their way together.

PS : Conjured using my new little cute special Mac Air 

Friday, July 08, 2016

Happy May Day

An attempt to try out something similar

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.

...was the announcement inside Virigin American flight heading to Honolulu International Airport  

He was not able to focus, that aroma of her.She sat next to him,collected some, most or all of the hair on the head and pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie.And slighly shaking her head threw a smile at him.He felt already landing at the honolulu see breeze.

“Flight attendants, prepare for take-off please.”
“Cabin crew, please take your seats for take-off.”

The giant machine was off the ground, free and energetic,sailing in the air like a beauty heading to the most beautiful places in the world.

He asked "Is it you first time flying to Honolulu"
She nodded and he slowly tried to move close to get more of her fragrance.

Tower: "Virgin 51, cleared for takeoff, contact Departure on 124.7. Did you copy that report from Eastern?"

Pilot 2: "First officer here,Virgin  51 , cleared for takeoff, roger; and yes, we copied Eastern and we've already notified our caterers."

Her lips were so inviting with the transparent gloss on,her voice mesmerizing,those set of awesome,dazzling, angel kind of white milky teeth shined as she blew gently on her red fingernails.His mind involuntarily started to mix in successions images,ideas and sensations, and presented a scene where he started to kiss her , a deep passionate one.

Suddenly she looked at him as the aircraft entered in to insane turbulance.

Pilot 1 : “Flight attendants/Cabin crew, please be seated.”

Pilot 2 : "We've lost the, the, the speeds, then?"

I looked at her

Pilot 2 : "Okay, now , I'm descending.What to do"

The Airbus started to descend dangerously at a high rate.
"Stall" alarm started to blare thought the cockpit.

Will this be his last few minutes alive.He decided to make it best.Pulled my seat belt off.
Looked at her and with no further thoughts/hesitation started to kiss her.She resisted him.

Airplane lost its airspeed data, it discognnected the autopilot,

She then reacted and started to kiss him.Moved gently and sat over his lap,kissing him hard this time.

The plane with its engines at full power, the nose pitched upward, it moves horizontally for sometime and then begins to sink back towards the ocean.

Both helped relieving off their clothes and he was totally in her.She started to kiss him rough as the plane was descending happily.

As they near 1500 feet, the aircraft's sensors detect the fast-approaching surface and triggers various  alarms.

She was lost in him and he held her tight as she moved up and down.
That nth moment when both were out of the world,the aircraft plunged into the ocean and within few seconds came back up floating and slowly came to a halt.

Some Passengers were howling "Yay we are safe !!!!".

Back in the cockpit they could hear the howling,both looked outside and then into each others eyes ,smiled.

Pilot 1 : " This is Captain Rahul.It was a real pleasure flying,...ahem...falling with you"
Pilot 2 : " I am Shivani,first officer ..same here :) experience i had ever"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Puddles - the little puppy

3:30 PM drizziling day.

School bus was slowly sailing through the wet street ,little Lily a 2nd grader peeped out the window.
The sky was tar-black and the large clouds appeared as if they were moving towards her. She heard a tapping on the window and then it became a pitter-patter. People ran for cover outside and umbrellas were opened as the clouds spat out their beads of water. Puddles began plinking as the rainfall became heavier. The roofs of the bus danced with spray and one could hear the murmuring of the rain through the window.

Bus pulled up at the stop and Lily got out opening her umbrella embellished with Little Pony characters.
The foot-path was wet and reflective does the beautiful job of reflecting everything shown at it,Lily was happily dancing and singing as she stepped on the puddles.Some puddles that she missed felt affronted of their short existence.
She was trying to hop across a little large puddle when she heard a strange and cute crying.She could hear that someone needs some help.But the cry was so cute as stepped across the footpath in to that little bush group.And what she saw was nothing but irresistible cuteness.A tiny fur-ball shivering in the cold.
"Ohhhh..cute" mumbled to herself little Lily.It felt super silky as she picked the cuteness.
It was shivering a little with the low temp outside.Lily pulled her hat out and swaddled it around the puppy.And started to run home.

"Lily, Daddy may not like this idea" skeptical was mom
"Mommy,i can make him understand.She is so cute i want to keep her.My little Puddles,thats what i named her.Is it super cool" she moved into cloud 9.

Lily was waiting for her Dad to get home and meanwhile she cleaned-up Puddles,made a dog house using few card boards and blankets.
She ran towards the garage door as she heard her Dad's car.Both hugged and Lily narrated the whole incident with full excitement and he looked upstairs at the setup that she made.


And rightway Dad asked  "Lily,so where did you say you found this pup ?".
"Near at the bus stop" muttered Lily
"Hmm ok" he paused and said " honey listen,this pup may belong to someone else,and no wonder they will be searching for it as we speak.We being good hearted people, should leave a note near the mail box for anyone to claim this"

Sadness covered little Lilys face.

Dad added "Its ok honey,may be next summer we will get our own pup"
"No i want Puddles and only her,the same exact" whined Lily
"Lily will you lower your voice now" bawled mom

Later a deal was agreed with Lily, if no one turns up in a month then we can keep Puddles ourselves and the note can be removed.
Dad and Lily took a picture of Puddles and pasted the note near the Mail box.

Days passed and no one claimed Puddles,Lily became so close to the puppy.And Puddles is now like her little sister and part of the family.

But everyday when Lily gets back from school, she will be super eager to find out if anyone approached to claim the dog.And every telephone ring or door bell she will run and wait to see/hear that its not the owner.

She was all-time worried if someone will seize away her sweet possession.

It was 2 months since they removed the note but Lily never settled within herself of the fear that someone will claim Puddles.

That one day.Lily was doing her Math work and someone was at the door ringing the bell.Before even Lily could run to the door, dad opened up the door and it was a middle aged lady.
"Hi" said dad.
"Hi, i am from Lake Park community and was told by my neighbour that she saw note about my missing puppy and gave me your address" explained the lady

She ran upstairs and buried herself in her bed/blanket started to cry.

Dad and the Lady came up, she saw Puddles sleeping happily in the beautiful dog house decorated all over with pink base materials and the little house presented her a christmas tree effect.

"Wow.So cute" said the Lady
"Lily can you please come out" pleaded Dad.Lily walked out of her room with face down
"So you are Lily " pleasingly asked the Lady
She nodded with out lifting her face up
"You love Puddles ? what is that you play with her daily " asked the Lady
It was like switching on a hi-lumens light ,Lily's face glowed and she started to describe the fun she was having with Puddle day and night, hearing to it was like melting ourselves to beautiful fairytale told under a cool moonlight.

Dad and Mom smiled to each other as Lily went on non-stop describing her cute pretend plays with Puddles.

The Lady took Puddles from the dog-house,it right-away jumped out of her hands and twirled around Lily's legs.
"Huh ? " exclaimed the Lady.
and she added "Lily.You know what, i am going to let you keep the little one,forever for you to keep"
The very next moment, Lily jumped out of joy and ran towards the Lady and hugged her tight.

Mom have never seen Lily to be so much expressive before, even with close friends and relative, and couldn't control her tears looking at the scene.

Dad, Mom and Lily thanked the Lady as she waved bye.

Later that night cuddling in the bed, Lily and Mom were so happy and smiling to each other,and they slept hearing to soothing music.

Dad smiled looking at them,then took his phone and started to type...

Dad : Thanks Aparna,it was indeed a great help,Lily will be in peace now.
Aparna: Np.You are welcome.Lily was so cute and she loves Puddles more than anyone in this     world.Hoping and wishing the real owner never turns up.
Dad :Ya. And i am also a strong believer that every 'True love' stories will for sure have happy endings
Aparna: smileface thumbsup

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Zack the Zebra

No animal has a more distinctive coat than the zebra. Each animal's stripes are as unique as fingerprints—no two are exactly alike—although each of the three species has its own general pattern.

Once upon a time, in a deep deep tropical jungle, it was so deep that one get to hear just tranquility ,just that nothing else.Beautiful stream lazily flowing between green healthy lives.
All tropical rain forests resemble one another in some ways.

In this amazing setup is where lived a herd of Zebras,happily carelessly and merrily.All they do is eat,drink,run,run,drink,eat,run,run.The Run - fast across the creeks and streams down the hill and into the meadows.And all they do is just follow follow him,the line leader he calls himself Zack.

Zack - he thinks he has the best and unique pattern of those whites and blacks.And he states him to be the best stallion.Leading the herd,he feels so proud about that.After every meal,he starts kicking his left foot,keeping abreast and shaking his head that's when he signals that the run is all set.And the pack duly and dutifully blindingly follow Zack.

All is Well until....

One foggy dewy morning after a heart filled breakfast the herd started to run..a beautiful herd run speeding up aligning with the sunrise horizon.Zack was too excited and picked up the speed,the group was so excited when the chill wind bracing their body.The run got little overwhelming and that's when Zack stepped on it, his front left foot on the that wet slippery limestone rock ,a moment that changed his short life completely.

He wasn't able to walk or move,sat down there lame and dull.The herd surrounded him, filled with sadness.And soon the dusk dropped over the tropical land.

Zack sat there quiet, now he was able to limp around, but running seemed to be close to impossible.His immediate thoughts "who will lead the run,how will the herd have fun.Now is this called the end to all fun" and with the pain slowly settling in and with the cool moon breeze his eyes started to sunken in to deep sleep.

Next day he woke up to see a surprise.The herd was running,yes and he cannot believe his own pair of eyes.They were running even faster and he figured out that they found a new leader overnight.

That concluded,there is no one in this world who cannot be replaced all it may take is some time.

Zack spent his days limping around,he hated the very existence of himself every moment.The herd was aligning well with their new line leader and even if Zack gets well he may not be the leader again.

Days passed,and Zack was still grieving about his inability.Everyday he would look at the far away cliff and think of walking there and jump off to kill himself.

One saddest day, Zack decided to end his useless life,and had a look at the herd running one last time.
It was a hot day and the herd was super fast running with cloud of dust and smut backing them.
Zack put down his face, facing the ground started to limp towards the cliff.The sun was soaring up high and he was clear in his decision.

As he slowly lurching in the scorching sun,when he heard sweet soft voice "Uncle" ,
Zack looked back to see Molly,the youngest in the pack,he nodded to ask what.
"Uncle can you tell us how will it feel like running" and Zack looked little far behind Molly and there were all the young ones looking at him.In every zebra's life span these younger one aren't part of the run as they are too young for that.

Yes,no one but for Zack can explain how it is to be running in the herd.Anyone who had that and lost that feeling can only articulate it on how it felt.
Zack sat under a shady tree and the young ones around,he started to tell them different stories about running.

Years Passed and Zack never recovered again to run.


The shady tree was renamed as Zack's Story Heaven.Everyday it was celebration time for the kids gathering there hearing him ,the way he describes the events its impossible for anyone to tune out.Every kid in the meadow grew listening to his stories, dreaming that one day they will be part of the run.

It was evening and sun started to set, setting ablaze the sky,a magnificent view.Zack stood there looking at the heard running along the horizon and he felt proud and this time right and straight from the bottom of his heart and its heartfelt.
Maggie (Molly's little sister) with her little foot steps approached and asked him "Uncle, today's session you did not end it with your awesome sayings for the day"

Zack smiled at her and both looked at the beautiful anxious moon trying to pop up even before the sunset,he looked at Molly and said

"Life may not be the same the very next moment,live to fullest your current moment.
If you do just one thing right,you are needed by someone,its all about ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are." 

Smiled little Maggie and Zack felt proud.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I swear to GOD

5:30 PM

She should be waiting for him at the beach.
"Excuse me sir.." he raised from the meeting as he spoke "i need to leave now.I have an important personal work to attend"
Soon was on road driving to "Pleasant park".

The pleasant park is the back waters from the Chennai Marina beach.
Its a wondeful place for couples mostly to share their pain,believes and the fear,
with the caring wind,
with the gentleness of the waves,
with the appease of the moon light.
They felt the gentle touches,smiles and confidents amongst them which reincarnates.

Parked his motorbike and stepping on the beach sand,he silently.A great evening sun trying to set blazing the sky with its red yellow orangish rays
He went straight to the pink painted view chair.Stood next to it ,had a look at the chair for few seconds.
The same spot where he shared part of everyday happening his everything with Sandhya.

Its already four years since he first met Sandhya.

Sandhya :
She is a typical example of complete womanhood.
She ensures he always follows the sweet rules that are enforced by her.
Dominant.And channelized every moment of his life.
She is a rare find for him.

He sat there and looked at the moon.It was another full moon day.
Waited there patiently.Closed his eyes for sometime and thought about the first day he met her.
Its at the college cafeteria.Those memories were still fresh and like a frozen frame of pictures back of his mind.
The scene, when he got a coffee turned and dashed agaist her.Spilt the coffee all over his shirt and her Salwar.

He smiled.

And then he remembered the day when he decided to propose his love and wish to her.
He ran behind her and when he slipped down, the card from his hand opened up and every one sitting near at the bus station could hear the musical card-(it was Titanic Theme).And he saw her face turning red.

He laughed to himself.

"Hey look at the mad fella,he is back again today" said one of the park care-taker and the other one near him said "Hey don't you know his sad story..he lost his girl friend in a road accident" paused while they looked at him and further said ".. like six months back.From then he used to come here alone every weekend and sit in that chair where they used to spend time"

Six months back,when he heard the news that Sandya did not survive the deadly accident, he fainted and went into a state of prolonged unconsciousness.
After a month when he was back to normal state, he never asked about Sandhya to anyone neither anyone discussed about her or the incident to him.
His mind lost its ability to accept that she is dead. The deep burned memories about her made him to relive and hallucinate.

He still believed that she lives within him.He felt her within himself.Her soul,her fragrance is dissolved in his stream and she is part of him.
Her love on him won over the fate and lived even after death.

The same day ,same time last year she said...
"With the moon and the beach as witnesses here..I swear to god that i will never ever leave you alone in this world dear............Never."

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Spectrum of Divineness (ASD)

There is a theory that holds that certain patterns of brain circuitry cause autistic symptoms.But this type of syndrome has been associated with enhanced memory and also with amplified fear and sensory overstimulation. The former is usually a good thing; the latter what is urging us to call it 'disability'.To deal with their heightened senses and memory,which so called normal beings lack,they exhibit few dysfunctional acts like social withdrawal and repetitive behaviors.

Read on ....

"Well,we do not have a finite answer for this,but most cases of autism, however, appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes and environmental factors influencing early brain development" explained yet another time doctor Brad.

Kavitha sat there quiet,little Shiv was looking at a painting in the wall,he was constantly doing that since they came in to the consulting room.
Brad continued "As said in our last visit i have written a referral for therapies to start next month,that should really help Shiv"

"Thanks much Doctor.Will he at least speak few words as he grows" asked Kavitha
"I cannot be sure on that but will have to wait it out on that." said doctor and paused
he further added "And as i say always you have to be strong and believe that Shiv is not disabled of any kind"

Shiv is 6 years old,he was born normally and was an active child until 3 years of life,later when parents noticed that he never attempted to speak and lacked severely in interaction,that's when they started seeing doctor Brad.

Kavitha walked out of the clinic to the parking lot and opened the car door,shiv was looking up the sky.It was mid-day and sun was placed exactly perpendicular,sky looked like a big blue throw spread over, absolutely with no stains of cloud.She looked at her mobile and it was already 12:30 and she needs to be at home in 30 minutes for the chess instructor will be there waiting for Shiv.
"Shiv lets go,its getting late honey" she said,he did not respond and busy gazing the sky,she pulled his elbow and in seconds tucked him to the car seat.

She was driving on a single lane freeway and was speeding crazy.And had to maneuver madly to pass those slow ones often.While her body was driving the vehicle, her sub subconscious part was all concerned about Dr.Brad's advise on therapy, and that's when the miracle happened.

"Do not Pass" was the words from his mouth.

She immediately pulled over.Stepped out ran opened the back door.She kissed and hugged him, said
"Kutty,what did you say,please mom did not hear it properly honey,can you please say it again,please da one more time,can you".
Shiv was smiling but did not speak a word.She pleaded and cried but no answer.

10 years later.

Applause around the auditorium as Aiden received the trophy for Champions Title at the State level Chess championship for Teens,when handed over the microphone he said "Its a proud moment and I thank God the almighty" 
and then they announced "We welcome Shiv for winning the Challenger Tittle in the Championship".
Kavitha helped accompanied Shiv to the stage,they gave the trophy to Shiv but he did not react much to receive that and was looking at stage lights above.
"Please,i can have that" said kavitha and added "thanks for all your support.I am so happy for Shiv" she said.And suddenly Shiv pulled the microphone from her and held it close to his mouth and looked above the lights.


and everyone could hear him breathing heavily for sometime and saying "you never passed other car,thanks" and handed over the microphone back to her,his attempt to socialize second time in life.
Kavitha's eyes welled with tears as her lips forming a smile,she cried the tears of happiness.

those special autistic moments are beyond science and diagnosis,those beautiful minds are different but not less than any other gods gift

PS:Composed this while listening to Naan Nee-Madras

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

life,luck and local

Mumbai Suburban railway one of the busiest rapid transit system in the entire world displacing 8 million souls on a daily basis.And its fast and overcrowded everywhere,no time to stand and breath ,when large numbers of people face similar problems together, on a daily basis, it develops an unknown psychological bond between members of that category, thereby bringing the group closer together, making it stronger,even if the members of the group are strangers.

Queuing up along a station platform every morning, keenly watching your train pull in, you start performing step wise routine actions:

-knowing the trains speed, timing your jump, leaping yourself in,
-after grabbing hold of something be it the rusted iron aromatic pole or door handle,at times its someone else's arm too
-important step ,stealthily looking around for a seat,window one would be a jackpot and diving into the best one before anyone else does.
-lastly a sense of achievement and then feeling good about yourself.

Read on for a sampled moment....

It was 10:04 AM to be exact and DL 13 slow speed local was pulling in to Kurla Station.
Enormous machine she was, parking in style at the station.The scene of crowd exchange - people getting out and getting in a transition crossfading.

Arief slurped his coffee quickly and yelled "Ajay come on, faster dude,cannot miss this one".
Crowd exchange was rapid and within moments the station looked empty and train was fully packed.
Gigantic machine she was and hurriedly sounded her big horn - a pleasing music for the commuters inside the train,but a painful panic alarm for the last minute chasers.

Slowly she pushed off the platform,Arief and Ajay started to jog maintaining a relative velocity with that of the train to make the boarding seamless

Arief looked back running,he was surprised to see a old woman keeping up with the pace behind him.She will never make it he knows.Our friends boarded the coach holding the pole.Arief looked out from inside and shouted at the woman with his full voice
"Hey lady,stop, you will never make it,there is one in 10 mins"  but she never cared to listen and was determined to board.
Ajay peeped out shockingly and inside the coach everyone was busy with their own business,most of them reading the Mumbai daily ,few shopping for eatables/clothes ,eating peanuts and chatting.

She was assertively running and Arief figured out that the platform will run-out in few seconds and the lady started to stutter on her legs.She will fall otherwise, so in a reflexive act he extended his right hand and held her.With in seconds she was holding on to Arief's hand and her foot off the ground as the platform vanished away.

He was holding his other-hand to the pole but he couldn't bear her weight.Ajay in no time held Arief's left-hand and embraced his body trying to pull him inside along with her.In the arrangement Ajay saw Arief's eyes and it hopelessly said 'i may have to let her go'. and Ajay nodded conveying an emotional 'no' same time his eyes quickly filling up with tears out of fear.

In this very few seconds of their eye contact and before they could decide any further, a man held Ajay by his hand from inside the coach and when Ajay looked back a strong human chain was already formed.People pulled each other and the miraculous chain reaction made Arief to absorb the woman inside,safe and sound.

As soon as the passengers thought she was fine everyone went back to their own business as if nothing had happened, no one spoke a single word related to the incident.The woman thankfully looked at Arief/Ajay and vanished inside the coach.

The local was speeding ,our friends traveling in foot-board, smiled at each other, stream of running air grazing their face and their hands moving their hair off the forehead in style.

luck and mumbai local are similar,if one is gone there is sure another one coming soon but Life is not same.